Why you need a happy attitude

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“The more you have a certain thought, the deeper the imprint that this path will make and the easier it will be for the thought to reenter your mind. That’s why it is good to constantly have uplifting, encouraging thoughts.”

Our thoughts makes us see circumstances whether favourable or not. If you believe what you think is good, you become it, by living in that thought.

I have since learnt that my mind is the pathway to my happiness, as much as possible I guide what goes in it.

I know a happy attitude increases creativity, it enforces discovery. It improves your relationship. Your interpretation of many things makes you happy.

I have been living in this lifestyle and I know how pleasant it is.

Your mental conditioning helps you make the right decisions.

A happy attitude comes from your believe system. What you believe forms in your mind and eventually you become it.

No amount of money will make you happy, no amount of houses can make you happy, not the pretty face of a lady or the good looks of a man. All these things are only gives you instant gratification.

How do you have a sustained happiness. Is it possible to develop a mentality that is always happy. Yes it is.

Some things I started doing are listed below, and I want you to read thoughtfully.

Marry a new view to look at life. You must learn to look at life differently, when you enter a room and people are arguing and grumbling, you are smiling.

When people see brick Wall you have a mentality to provide solutions. You are not trapped or caged.

Every time we experience an emotion for example anxiety, sadness, happiness, joy, love, it’s always preceded by a set of thoughts that are unique to that emotions.

Your preceding thoughts must be uplifting. These preceding thoughts can be controlled, it is always these thoughts that determine your next point of action.

Another way to develop a happy attitude is taking responsibilities for who you are and who are going to be. When things are working according to plan, relish the pleasure, when it is not working take responsibility and step in the pivotal role to create a change.

Tell yourself this is who I am.
This is where I am from.
This is who I am going to be.

I own this, I made this mistake, I will improve in this. Taken responsibility for yourself.

A positive attitude can change a destiny, it did for me it can do for you too.

Being handsome, beautiful, rich is all in the attitude.

“Positive thinking isn’t about expecting the best to happen every time, but accepting that whatever happens is the best for this moment.”

That’s the attitude.

Focus on the things you love not on the things you hate or don’t like. When was the last time you look around you and you are filled with joy, you just see everything working for you. You notice everyone is arguing, complaining, not happy but all is just fine to you.

…For a long time you have shifted focus to see everything good and pleasant,  you now see everything people call negativity as a step to a better you or a better day.

Sometimes you talk to things as like, they answer to you and people wander, what is wrong with you.

Take time to develop a happy attitude and you will be able to sustain yourself.

Build one, its yours.

Sam Eneje

Sam Eneje

Sam Eneje is Senior Content Developer, an Entrepreneur and a Public Speaker.

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