Parody of God’s Existence

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Let’s start by asking questions about our existence and our role in the world we live in.
What is our existence all about, who made me, how did I evolve, who is in charge of the way things happen, when will the world end, is the world all about science? Questions…
I am fortunate to be born in Nigeria where I could gladly see the works of the devil first hand. The use of black magic by both aged and small, and to be frank these works are not new to us.
In many villages people still sacrifices to the devil and it works. People make sacrifices and charm against bullet wounds.
Last time a friend shared a story of an accident. In the middle of the accident the man sitting next to him disappeared. It’s funny right,?
I still have a video of some guy using very sharp knives to cut themselves and tongue without a cut or blood.
The case of people using women undies to make money and internet fraudsters using charms to command unsuspecting people through the internet from another planet to pay money and they obliged.
These are the minor cases, the high and popular people do their stuff too. Cultism, human sacrifices etc.
Someone reading this from Europe will say, this is a third world problem. But the higher the civilisation the bigger the mayhem the devil brings.
The level of depression in advanced countries is all time high despite the increased activities of better standards of living.
According to WHO :
  • Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease. a body in charge of anxiety and depression is American put it this way
  • Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year.
The increase in homosexuallsm: and in a bid to enter the church, legalising harmful substances, transgender initiatives, abortion, the list is long, unfortunately most of this menace are championed by the government, giving to the people especially the unsuspecting younger generation.
The manifestation of evil and vices in our society corrupt our minds, removes our happiness, makes us to believe relying or depending on material things for solutions is the cure.
In Africa when the going gets tough, very tough, people turn to black magic, also abroad they go the devil’s way. Where is the manifestation of the power of God.
We put science before God, we replace God with things, this is wrong. Science is not bad or evil but making it a god is.
The existence of God makes the difference.
The mistake people make is that they want to see His physical look before they believe, they want to shake Him, hug Him, so they can believe.
Most of the things that brings us happiness and peace are not visible. Those things control our emotions, feelings, mood, faith.
It is time you start to see God as the beginning of all things. And see Him in all things. Talk to Him.
In the beginning of the first book in the Bible, God created the heavens and the earth. This means all things are answerable to Him. And He later said let there be light and there was light.
You can only believe in science, modifications, intelligence of things, because you are fortunate to be were they happen. There are people who still walk around naked without any form of civilization: what is their beliefs.
Don’t be too zealous or jealous of yourself alone.
People are more comfortable with God than science and the things of the world.
Sam Eneje

Sam Eneje

Sam Eneje is Senior Content Developer, an Entrepreneur and a Public Speaker.

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