How to Overcome Blogging Burnout. Five Techniques That Works.

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Most bloggers start off with enthusiasm, the excitement of creating a blog and the joy of writing to the world. Then at some point the burnout comes. It is often called “bloggers burnout” some call it “mental block”. Burnout can stop your blogging dreams, it will make you loose interest. If your blogging style is not particularly about news copy, I mean where there is an event and you have all the details to put together but the type where you have to motivate yourself, research topics and create graphics burnout will come. I am here to share 5 steps that will help you overcome blogging burnout. If you have been a writer for a long time you had probably suffered blogging burnout. Before we dive into the deep. What is blogging burnout? Blogging burnout is a period when a blogger feels less motivated to write or blog. It is a serious loss of enthusiasm and focus on the side of the blogger. These things happen when there is blogging burnout.
  1. You may think despite working hard on yourself and your blog it is not paying off, and it deflates you.
  2. You may also think you have run out of topics, you often feel there is nothing more to write.
  3. You may be overworked.
  4. May be you goals are not been meticulously met.
  5. Your side hustles or activities around you is taking your time and energy.
If you are experiencing burnout you are definitely not alone. Don’t be discouraged any further. Whatever the cause of your burnout, here are some practical ways to fly again. 1. Set Realistic Goals: Simplify the target you set for yourself. If burnout comes you should try and relax on your goals. If you set a goal to blog everyday, you might have to break it down to 3 times a week. Your dreams might be to achieve millions of readers every week, and you are just in your tens or few hundreds, don’t be hard on yourself, give yourself time. It usually takes years to achieve big goals and you need to be consistent. If burnout comes you can revisit your goals and Break it down. 2. Reconsider Your Blogging oftenness: Perhaps blogging daily is cumbersome, and scaling your blogging frequency back a little should help. Your blogging schedule can be pegged at four times. Blog writing must not be a rapid process by any means, it takes a lot of planning, research, writing, editing, and perfecting before hitting publish. 3. Take a Break: Taking a break to sleep, rest, go on a vacation will help rejuvenate your blogging aptitude. After working on your blog you can take a walk to refresh yourself. Excercise and rest, this will rest your nerves. It is also important to unplug regularly so you’re not thinking about your blog all day, every day. If you are experiencing blogging burnout you should rest. 4. Fit Inspiration Into Your Schedule: Once everyday I listen to motivation audio or videos. This is one of the most powerful things I do. I listen to variety of talks, videos, to motivate me. There’s a playlist on my phone, most times I use it to kick start my day or I use them to get perspectives. If you are burning out listen to motivational audios, you can get them on YouTube. 5. Read to Find Inspriration: Blogging burnout happens sometimes because you just don’t know what to write about anymore. I suggest you should read some new blogs on topics that interest you, some magazines. Read and enjoy it. You might find something that sparks something in you, compelling you to write. I have this app feedly, I have listed and organised blog and website browse daily to refresh Myself, it helps. Are you struggling with blogging or have you struggled with blogging burnout? How did you overcome it? I’d love to hear your experiences with this. We can all learn a little something from others’ struggles.
Sam Eneje

Sam Eneje

Sam Eneje is Senior Content Developer, an Entrepreneur and a Public Speaker.

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