How To Choose Your Confidant

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After a long silence, you watched tears roll down her eyes uncontrollably. You have not seen her in that distasteful mood before.

Fadeke keep saying my God, my God, who will help me. Even though you know she hardly keeps secrets from you, she couldn’t say a word to you.

As the two of sit side by side at the dining table, she kept sobbing, even the tranquility of the night could not stand her tears.

But you kept pressurising her to tell you, you reminded her, you were her best friend, her sister and confidant etc.

Eventually she opened up and said please advise me.

Your response… I am short of words, I don’t know what to say, you mean you did that?

You could not console her, you couldn’t advice instead you were furious and angry…

It wasn’t long before you started avoiding her, you called her husband snatcher, STD patient and other names at her back…

Please some people should stop acting like chief adviser and consoler. They will persuade you to open up to them and they will leave you hanging or even worse.

Please be careful who you open up too. Some are only actors.

Before you confide in people, knows these fact about them.

  • Attitude and character towards others are good. If they are people that are always in fights with people avoid them.
  • Know a little of their past, ask from friends, family, colleagues.
  • Some people can’t just keep secrets, even when they cross their heart. Be careful.
  • People that talk too much.
  • Out of the blues friends. Some people just appear when you have money, you got promoted, or you are in the best places of your life, but whenever you are in pain they tend to be busy those periods be careful.

Choose your confidant don’t let them choose you. Be careful.

Sam Eneje

Sam Eneje

Sam Eneje is Senior Content Developer, an Entrepreneur and a Public Speaker.

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