Happiness Therapy Feed Your Mentality

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1. Feed your mentality with positive affirmations and emotions. Just as you feed yourself with good food and clean water, your mental diet must be healthy.

You know what? your psychological well being determine your emotional level and judgement. You know what that means, you are clear about decisions and attitude. Your self esteem improves and you have a complete control over your mind.

What should your mental diet include and what are the essentials you need to include alongside the diets?

1. Read your bible always, its the key that unlocks any open doors. I mean any door. Revelations from the Bible have made men overcome challenges that seem too big and unsurmountable. The bible has broken the hardest mind, healed dilapidated hearts, made generals overcome wars and provide hope. Talking from experience I’ll say the Bible is life.

2. Read books that will make you good at what you set your heart at. Stop reading romantic novels if your passion is agribusiness. If your passion is to be a techpreneur stop dwelling on things that will not allow you grow in that field. The more you brood over the essentials, it affects the way you talk, you solve more problems, your image and reputation soars in return, you elevate your emotions, you wear smiles every time because of the solutions you provide.

3. Keep positive association. Personally I notice this in lots of unhappy people and when they come for advice, that’s one of the things I talk to them about. The people you have as friends must impact your emotions positively. Even when you argue with them you should learn from them. Your choice of the people around you, at work, home, social circle will determine your success and happiness.

I hope you can digest this simple principles about happiness. Its easy to read but it is more important if you dwell on them and live them out.

Sam Eneje

Sam Eneje

Sam Eneje is Senior Content Developer, an Entrepreneur and a Public Speaker.

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