Getting along with your boss

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When was the last time you sent your boss a txt.

A good relationship between you and your boss makes life easier in the work space, I know how  a bad working environment feels too.

I have seen people slapped, abused, disgraced and I tell you it not interesting.

More also, I have seen people favoured, promoted, loved by doing little things other don’t do.

Its not hard to make your boss like you.

Your boss happiness is your happiness.

Make your boss office his second home.

Always make him feel special.

These points above are techniques that have worked and still does.

Your goal as an employee is to make life easy for your boss at work, and this means, you must develop yourself in your filed to work smarter and harder.

 1. Work harder to get more done.

 2. Work smarter to do more with little time.

 3. Learn to predict what your boss will need.

 4. Always be on hand to assist him when he/she is confused.

 5. Learn to Sacrifice.

One of the things that has endeared me to my bosses is the enthusiasm around me. In my line of work, I take orders and instructions always.

Sometimes different orders from different bosses with little break at intervals. The willingness and attitude I put into each is always wonderful. 

You must have the “I got this attitude” to succeed and to make them happy. 

At lease try

Also, Your boss must know you love and enjoy your work, make him feel it, smile when you do it. 

Be passionate about it and let it show. Oh my, I remember sometimes ago, in my office, the work load was much and it keeps coming and I was not showing tiredness and at a point I stretched and breathed out a long breathe, and I continued.

My boss said, Sam, let’s go home, he paid for fuelling and and dinner. 

Be open, ask questions. When last did you meet your boss to help you with a better way to solve a problem. 

When did you share your new idea with him or her and explain how that will improve his/her working experience.

Be open to ask for help, most times the only help we ask for is cash and leave days. Suggest how you can improve your work and show results.

Finally, show concerns for his family and out of work life while you keep yours private. Don’t bug your boss with your issues, don’t look moody all day because of family issues. Do your work.

But show that you care, when he travels send me a message, buy him a tie, get toy’s for his/her kids. 

I have worked in different states withing and outside Nigeria, under several bosses and I sure know how to stay happy.

Remain happy.

Sam Eneje

Sam Eneje

Sam Eneje is Senior Content Developer, an Entrepreneur and a Public Speaker.

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