Five Habits That Will Improve The Confidence Of Your Child

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This faithful day Queen sat tired on the sofa. She has finished doing the chores.  It will be nice if she just drank a cup of beverage and watch TV. As she reached for the beverages shelve, she saw Annie her daughter hiding behind the table, crying. 

Just over the weekend, Annie came back from playing with her friends but with swollen eyes, she had been crying, poor child. Annie is finding it difficult to play with her friends, and this has been a concern to Queen.

Unlike her siblings, she does not have the confidence whenever her friends are home with her or when the kids go out with other kids to play. She cries a lot, she does not participate in activities like her peers.

She stumbles on an article like this and it was a great deal. Children face some hard knocks, and it is important to equip them with confidence.

For a child to be confidence she needs to have the right perception about life, she needs to discover her strength and weakness. More encouraging words will do a lot of good, she need to know she is fine and the stage she is will soon be over.

Queen need to discover what brings her fears and tell her how she can deal with them.

Let us look at the following 5 points that can help a child like Annie build her confidence.

  1. Always give praise: I really think is should come first among my tips this is because i feel many parents and guardians do not do this. Always give praise when it is due. Even as adults, our emotions can be under control because of maturity but when it comes to praises, we can really feel dejected or unwanted when we expect to receive and we do not. Someone wrote “If a child fails at something or shows no talent at a particular skill, praise the effort, but don’t unrealistically praise the results.” I agree with this in total, many parent yell at their children in public because of this: this is a mistake you should not repeat please. When she does some things unexpected or she come short, encourage her by telling her she just need to practice more, it take repeated efforts to achieve certain goals. Give her a high 5.
  • Let them figure out problems by themselves: Allowing your children does the hard work by themselves will help them build the confidence they need in life. So many time parent help their children too much, this will prevent them from developing he abilities and confidence required to figure out things. Guide them, lead them not be the one to do it 100%. Its better they come back to you with a little failure and teach them how not to repeat the same mistakes.
  • Help her set realistic goals: If a child Annie always to feel defeated by disappointments, encourage her to think about specific ways that bring her closer to her goals. Sometimes a child have endless goals and endless questions some of these goals may not be realistic; you love should guide her in her thoughts, your answers must be the one she can trust. At that moment, you are her teacher, encourager, map and everything. Whenever she fails, you can encourage her by saying “ Can we find a better way to make this work” or “you tried But let’s do this together this way, that way”
  • Set rules and be in charge: Every child thinks rules are too strict; eventually they are best gainers of these rules. When a child is able to abide by the rules at home, she will have confidence in what she can and cannot do, when she is at home or not at home. Set rules and enforce them consistently, be clear on what is important in your family. Always tell them the benefits of the rules, when they see the benefits they learn and are encouraged.
  • Nurture her interests and let them act their age: Try to identify what she is good at an early age and assist her to excel in it. Everyone have one thing they are good at, as a parent, encourage their interest and praise them. Do not impose your wish on them and do not expect them to behave like adult or get it right always. Expose them to hubbies and environment that will improve their passion and be proud of it.
Sam Eneje

Sam Eneje

Sam Eneje is Senior Content Developer, an Entrepreneur and a Public Speaker.

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