Bridge Builder

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Let me share this story, I am sure it will bless someone.
In the little town where I now work, though its a state capital but in the real sense it not as active as many local government areas where I had lived.
Farming is the major occupation, and I hope to start my big farm one day. 

I got to know two brothers who lived on adjoining farms, big farms l tell you, each will be like 10 hectares.
One of the brothers is my friend, this means i get fruits always. 

One day he fell into conflict with his elder brother, It was the first serious fight since they have been farming side by side, sharing machinery, and trading labor and goods as needed without a hitch.

 There long collaboration fell apart. It began with a small misunderstanding and it grew into a major difference, and finally it exploded into an exchange of bitter words. 

One morning, after we ate breakfast (Masa and fish vegetable soup)  masa is a dish in the northan Nigeria made with rice. You can call it rice cake.  

There was a knock on Ibrahim’s. His wife opened it to find a man with a carpenter’s toolbox.

 “I’m looking for work,” he said.
“Perhaps you would have a few small jobs here and there.

 Could I help you?”
“Yes,” said Ibrahim from the dining table. “I do have a job for you. 

Look across the river at that farm. That’s my neighbor, in fact, it’s my brothers. 

Last week there was a fight between us and he took his bulldozer to the river  and now there is a creek between us. Well, he may have done this to spite me, but I’ll get at him.

See that pile of wood by the barn? I want you to build me a fence – an 8-foot fence – so I won’t need to see his place anymore.  

The carpenter said, “I think I understand the situation. Show me the exact location so that I will be able to do a job that pleases you.”
The carpenter worked hard all that day measuring, sawing, nailing. 

About sunset when myself and Ibrahim returned, the carpenter had just finished his job. Our eyes opened wide,  jaw dropped. 

There was no fence there at all. 

It was a bridge… a bridge stretching from one side of the creek to the other! A fine piece of work handrails and all.

You are quite a fellow to build this bridge after all I’ve said and done.” My friend told the old Carpenter.

To cut the long story short:

The two brothers stood at each end of the bridge, and then they met in the middle, taking each other’s hand.  

I was glad these two are back together, not because of the plenty fruits and food crops I get at harvest, and not for the fact that I will soon be investing in agriculture.  

But they did not know I called the old Carpenter to help settle the rift between them. 

I am happy i am a bridge builder, you too can be a bridge builder. 
Like me, if you cannot build the bridge yourself get someone, people you think are filled with wisdom, maturity, who will be willing to help. 

Bridge builders are people with a big heart they love to see others happy. 

 They encourage others and help them achieve more.
So many times we fall short of how to help people, but we know who can help. 

Well, if you have the qualities below, you might consider yourself a bridge builder. Rather if you are looking for one, you can check out this qualities in them.

  • A bridge builder listens. 
  • They provide opportunities. They help others to learn.
  • They are good communicators.
  • A bridge builder is patient.
  • They encourage you, help you.
  • They are always happy with your achievements.

When we see people in difficult situations, in pain, some made big mistakes don’t laff at them, like we do these days on social media. 

Reach out to help, console them, advice them and encourage them, point them to someone that can help.

You are building the bridge gradually.

Share these article with your friends and discuss on building bridges, that is one step to raise bridge builders.

Remain happy.

Sam Eneje

Sam Eneje

Sam Eneje is Senior Content Developer, an Entrepreneur and a Public Speaker.

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