Don’t you deserve a better life?

For the best time of life, I dedicate this letter to everyone that is struggling to overcome, that has overcome but still falls back inaccuracy. Those that draws strength from the wrong places, those that cry at night before sleep, those that go on like all is well, smile at us and deep down there is pain and anger.

I came from a life of selfish ambitions, ineptitude and indifference. If you know how darken my heart has become, an expressionless-ness, dissipated by lack of motivation, callously shaped by lack of evidence and dark edges.

Don’t get me wrong, I have been lucky, at a young age, I had a diplomatic passport, I have been to places, spoken to top government policy makers, it was an honour, BUT. 

What about my loss of self discovery, purpose of living, what do I really want out of life, who am I? 

I could not answer many life questions, and if those questions remain unanswered, life become more meaningless, I embrace the future fearlessly but with vagueness.

My personality requires I see evidence in everything. Don’t talk to me about religion: if you lack it, don’t preach it, if you don’t have it why tell me to own it. I was looking for the end to things.

Larry King said he is not an atheist and he is not a Christian, he falls within the category of people that think they dropped into life. Always asking questions.

Things will only grow from bad to worse, when you have money to feed, if you can travel to places you think happiness can be found, buy yourself things that will melodify your heart for a time, if you find a lady you think will quench you fleshy needs.


Do you wake up and look around the emptiness that is around you. Do you fall back to sin and you wish life could be taken out of you. How many bottles have you drank to forget about it. 

When I used to inhale death, I did a packet, almost every day, taking in suicidal smoke destroying my heart. How many do you still take in day to calm yourself. You are in that abusive relationship and you cannot get out because you love her/him.

How many times have you gone on fasting and praying with tears in search for answers. 

Have you cut yourself with sharp objects so that you can forgive him. Did you almost drink that poison, acid because you feel trapped.

Every night the nightmares keeps coming, you are tired. Next time you slept with him you felt like half human, crying to God again for forgiveness…

I don’t mean to count all our sins and fears, no, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad again, no, I did not mean to make you remember again no.

3 years ago I made a decision, in my one room apartment. I entered my sitting room, lock the door. I just came in from work, I looked around me again and again. 

As usual, I wanted to strike the lighter and inhale that suicidal smoke again. I said to myself, “don’t i deserve a better life” 

God placed a thought in my heart, I knew it was Him. 

I answered the question, “yes I deserve I better life” 

But I need strength, I need love, I need joy, I need answers, I need happiness, I need security, I need faith.

I told God if you can help me drop this habits and you can give me all these needs I will be yours.

All the answers will not come once, but gradually as you dwell on Gods word, you find answers, to many questions.

We need a personal relationship with God, you need to find a place with God where you can draw strength and wisdom.

Accept Christ as your saviour, rededicate your life to him, you do not need a pastor to do this, it is a personal commitment.

God loves you, He does with everything.  

EPHESIANS 1:7   In Him we have redemption (deliverance and salvation) through His blood, the remission (forgiveness) of our offenses (shortcomings and trespasses), in accordance with the riches and the generosity of His gracious favor

He will turn all things round, this is my testimony of happiness. 

Everything, every other things, your job, marriage, lifestyle, will be cared for.

Some prayers don’t get answers as at when you want them but they will be answered later, go to His word and get answers, get insights, get inspiration, get wisdom for daily living.

I encourage you to read EPHESIANS 1. Read first with the King James version and Amplified, and other versions, read over again and understand that, God has called you for His purpose, a purpose of wisdom and peace and inheritance for a fruitful living.

Gradually, you will see improvement as you dedicate your daily living to him, your mind will be renewed, your thoughts will be like freshwater,  your mind will be springing with great ideas and you will marvel.

Whenever you fall back, your mind will tells you to go back to God, ideas on how to improve your marriage will spring out, your mind will not be settled for the bottom anymore, you will be elevated.

My years of life rededicated to God, I can only say, God deserve all the praise. The life I live now cannot be bought with money or things. 

Galatians 2:20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.

I see many young people troubled, in search for answers. I will love you to understand that this works, God works, Jesus works, dedicate  your life to Him.

You will find happiness and joy. 

Don’t you deserve a better life?

Remain happy. 

Leave the crowd, learn to listen to yourself

Very few people start off with great advantages, personally I did not have many opportunities of my own, my school days was not interesting, it made me ask lots of questions that I did not get answers to.
Some have opportunities and are born with silver spoons, the world goes round for them and almost everything is easy.

With a silver  spoon or without, you still have to chart your own course if you want to stand out.

Having exrayed these 2 different views on life, one mistake we can make to further dampen our chances for a happy life or plunge our appetite for greatness is following and staying  with the crowd.

One  quote from one of my favorite authors Robert Kiyosaki says “No one achieves great things by following the crowd. Have a spine. Strike your own path.” 

In other words successful people are able to draw the line, look look into the future as far as they can determine, and forge their own path into destiny.

I also want to add that: the future is always clearer when you can listen to yourself clearly. It is like listening to a new beautiful song, to get into the depth of the song, you will like to know the lyrics and the melody. 

You cannot get into the heart of the song if your environment is noisy. 

Most times we move into our closure, with eyes closed, plugged earpiece, we listen and digest the music we create pictures with it, it becomes part of us.

Note these:

1. When you leave the crowd you listen to yourself more clearly, you are now able to draw charts for your plans. Your thoughts are clearer,

The charts create willingness to succeed, consetration, focus.

 2.  It helps you identify your strength,   it shows you what you can do and cannot do. 

Thus your ability to identify and plan position you.

People who lacks the ability to leave the crowd and listen to themselves lacks the ability to master their appetite.

Before you can stand out, you need to leave the crowd. Listen to yourself, make your vision clearer, and you will stand out.

Getting along with your boss

When was the last time you sent your boss a txt.

A good relationship between you and your boss makes life easier in the work space, I know how  a bad working environment feels too.

I have seen people slapped, abused, disgraced and I tell you it not interesting.

More also, I have seen people favoured, promoted, loved by doing little things other don’t do.

Its not hard to make your boss like you.

Your boss happiness is your happiness.

Make your boss office his second home.

Always make him feel special.

These points above are techniques that have worked and still does.

Your goal as an employee is to make life easy for your boss at work, and this means, you must develop yourself in your filed to work smarter and harder.

 1. Work harder to get more done.

 2. Work smarter to do more with little time.

 3. Learn to predict what your boss will need.

 4. Always be on hand to assist him when he/she is confused.

 5. Learn to Sacrifice.

One of the things that has endeared me to my bosses is the enthusiasm around me. In my line of work, I take orders and instructions always.

Sometimes different orders from different bosses with little break at intervals. The willingness and attitude I put into each is always wonderful. 

You must have the “I got this attitude” to succeed and to make them happy. 

At lease try

Also, Your boss must know you love and enjoy your work, make him feel it, smile when you do it. 

Be passionate about it and let it show. Oh my, I remember sometimes ago, in my office, the work load was much and it keeps coming and I was not showing tiredness and at a point I stretched and breathed out a long breathe, and I continued.

My boss said, Sam, let’s go home, he paid for fuelling and and dinner. 

Be open, ask questions. When last did you meet your boss to help you with a better way to solve a problem. 

When did you share your new idea with him or her and explain how that will improve his/her working experience.

Be open to ask for help, most times the only help we ask for is cash and leave days. Suggest how you can improve your work and show results.

Finally, show concerns for his family and out of work life while you keep yours private. Don’t bug your boss with your issues, don’t look moody all day because of family issues. Do your work.

But show that you care, when he travels send me a message, buy him a tie, get toy’s for his/her kids. 

I have worked in different states withing and outside Nigeria, under several bosses and I sure know how to stay happy.

Remain happy.

Why you need a happy attitude


“The more you have a certain thought, the deeper the imprint that this path will make and the easier it will be for the thought to reenter your mind. That’s why it is good to constantly have uplifting, encouraging thoughts.”

Our thoughts makes us see circumstances whether favourable or not. If you believe what you think is good, you become it, by living in that thought.

I have since learnt that my mind is the pathway to my happiness, as much as possible I guide what goes in it.

I know a happy attitude increases creativity, it enforces discovery. It improves your relationship. Your interpretation of many things makes you happy.

I have been living in this lifestyle and I know how pleasant it is.

Your mental conditioning helps you make the right decisions.

A happy attitude comes from your believe system. What you believe forms in your mind and eventually you become it.

No amount of money will make you happy, no amount of houses can make you happy, not the pretty face of a lady or the good looks of a man. All these things are only gives you instant gratification.

How do you have a sustained happiness. Is it possible to develop a mentality that is always happy. Yes it is.

Some things I started doing are listed below, and I want you to read thoughtfully.

Marry a new view to look at life. You must learn to look at life differently, when you enter a room and people are arguing and grumbling, you are smiling.

When people see brick Wall you have a mentality to provide solutions. You are not trapped or caged.

Every time we experience an emotion for example anxiety, sadness, happiness, joy, love, it’s always preceded by a set of thoughts that are unique to that emotions.

Your preceding thoughts must be uplifting. These preceding thoughts can be controlled, it is always these thoughts that determine your next point of action.

Another way to develop a happy attitude is taking responsibilities for who you are and who are going to be. When things are working according to plan, relish the pleasure, when it is not working take responsibility and step in the pivotal role to create a change.

Tell yourself this is who I am.
This is where I am from.
This is who I am going to be.

I own this, I made this mistake, I will improve in this. Taken responsibility for yourself.

A positive attitude can change a destiny, it did for me it can do for you too.

Being handsome, beautiful, rich is all in the attitude.

“Positive thinking isn’t about expecting the best to happen every time, but accepting that whatever happens is the best for this moment.”

That’s the attitude.

Focus on the things you love not on the things you hate or don’t like. When was the last time you look around you and you are filled with joy, you just see everything working for you. You notice everyone is arguing, complaining, not happy but all is just fine to you.

…For a long time you have shifted focus to see everything good and pleasant,  you now see everything people call negativity as a step to a better you or a better day.

Sometimes you talk to things as like, they answer to you and people wander, what is wrong with you.

Take time to develop a happy attitude and you will be able to sustain yourself.

Build one, its yours.