How To Choose Your Confidant

After a long silence, you watched tears roll down her eyes uncontrollably. You have not seen her in that distasteful mood before.

Fadeke keep saying my God, my God, who will help me. Even though you know she hardly keeps secrets from you, she couldn’t say a word to you.

As the two of sit side by side at the dining table, she kept sobbing, even the tranquility of the night could not stand her tears.

But you kept pressurising her to tell you, you reminded her, you were her best friend, her sister and confidant etc.

Eventually she opened up and said please advise me.

Your response… I am short of words, I don’t know what to say, you mean you did that?

You could not console her, you couldn’t advice instead you were furious and angry…

It wasn’t long before you started avoiding her, you called her husband snatcher, STD patient and other names at her back…

Please some people should stop acting like chief adviser and consoler. They will persuade you to open up to them and they will leave you hanging or even worse.

Please be careful who you open up too. Some are only actors.

Before you confide in people, knows these fact about them.

  • Attitude and character towards others are good. If they are people that are always in fights with people avoid them.
  • Know a little of their past, ask from friends, family, colleagues.
  • Some people can’t just keep secrets, even when they cross their heart. Be careful.
  • People that talk too much.
  • Out of the blues friends. Some people just appear when you have money, you got promoted, or you are in the best places of your life, but whenever you are in pain they tend to be busy those periods be careful.

Choose your confidant don’t let them choose you. Be careful.

Why men die early.

Don’t be a slave to the world and the processes. So many of us are either carried by the wind of money and good life.

We do all it takes to stay awake all night and work all day to make money, find fame, influence and power.

Chasing the world and the processes alone is very dangerous, many have found their death, regrets, disappointment.

All these listed above are good in fact they are beautiful to have.

Only 10% of your happiness comes from external circumstances.Remaining 90% comes with your inner thoughts & feelings accroding to psychology.

Power, money, fame, politics, science, wealth, only contribute little to your happiness, and eventually they will end, fade, or you leave them behind.

What You Should Start Doing Now.

Be relentless, go after activities that keep your soul alive and well.

Go after relationship that keep your soul alive.

Go to places where your soul will be nourished.

Pursue after righteousness and godliness.

Think of eternity, your soul is save with Christ.

°°°°°°°Think about these things.°°°°°°°

Stay Positive This Month

This month, many Will witness the best of times, some will start new ideas, others will break into great opportunities.

As for me I also decided that this month, I will deliberately allow only positive thoughts gets into me and give positive response to myself, people and situations.

There is this saying that “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”.

It is time to challenge yourself this month, Affirm that you will only allow positive thoughts go in and out of your mind, and also you will say only positive things to yourself and situations around you.

You can start this morning by saying.

  1. Today will be a great day for me.
  2. I refuse to worry about today or tomorrow.
  3. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. All my goals will be achieved this year.
  4. I am the best version of me.
  5. All my sins are forgiven.
  6. Others don’t define me.
  7. I am not perfect, I will start over again.

In the middle of these, “things” will happen, people will step on your toes, you must remember to say, I decide what goes into me and go out, no one should determine my happiness, I do.

I challenge you too, be positive throughout this month, you can start today and you will see amazing results and change all around you.

#motivational #motivated #positivevibes

Nigeria-born Israel Adesanya wins UFC interim title

Nigeria-born Israel Adesanya has continued his unbeaten run in the UFC by defeating Kelvin Gastelum via unanimous decision for the interim middleweight title.

Israel Adesanya of Nigeria kicks Kelvin Gastelum during the UFC 236 event at State Farm Arena on April 13, 2019, in Atlanta, Georgia. Logan Riely/Getty Images/AFP

The fight lasted 25 minutes for Adesanya’s 17th win without a loss in the UFC.

“I was ready for war,” said Adesanya, also known as the Last Stylebender.

“I was willing to leave it all and give it all.”

Adesanya is the second Nigerian to emerge champion in the UFC in recent weeks.

In March, Kamaru Usman became first African-born fighter to win a UFC title after pummelling Tyron Woodley in a one-sided bout at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

The 31-year-old Usman, a Nigerian-born Texan and former NCAA Division II wrestler, broke into the UFC in 2015 on its long-running competition reality show.

The Gaurdian.

Here Are Eight Predictions For Season 8 Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

Game of Thrones is almost upon us. Season 8 will be the show’s last, wrapping up all the myriad storylines and conflicts and settling the war over the Iron Throne, and for the fate of humanity itself, once and for all.
So what will happen? How will this whole thing end? Who will win and who will lose in this final game of thrones? Let’s make some predictions.

1 – Nobody will sit on the Iron Throne in the end.

I get a lot of Game of Thrones pitches from various PR agencies. One of the most common has to do with betting. I guess Game of Thrones inspires a lot of that. Who will die? What are the odds? This season I see a lot of “Such-and-such’s odds of ruling Westeros” and the like. Will it be Gendry? Will it be Sam? Will it be Arya? It will be nobody. That’s my guess. At one point during a conversation between Dany and Tyrion in the Season 6 finale, Daenerys says something that I think we should all pay heed to leading into Season 8.

Daenerys Targaryen: Lannister, Targaryen, Baratheon, Stark, Tyrell they’re all just spokes on a wheel. This ones on top, then that ones on top and on and on it spins crushing those on the ground.

Tyrion Lannister: It’s a beautiful dream, stopping the wheel. You’re not the first person who’s ever dreamt it.

Daenerys Targaryen: I’m not going to stop the wheel, I’m going to break the wheel.

This leads me to think, whoever comes out on top in the end, that the Iron Throne will no longer be the seat of power in Westeros, and that somehow Dany (or her followers if she doesn’t make it) will bring real social change to the Seven Kingdoms. My second guess would be Daenerys on the throne, or her and Jon Snow ruling together.

2 – All the dragons will die.

Sorry if this bums you out, but I don’t think the dragons are going to make it. We’ve already seen one turn into an ice dragon, the Night King’s fancy new ride. In the end, I think the dragons will die in battle, fighting their lost brother.

Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion will fall, as the age of high magic and dragons is long gone in this world. These dragons were a small blip, intended to help end this final clash between good and evil.

The full story here..Forbes

Lewis Hamilton wins 1,000th race in Mercedes one-two

LEWIS HAMILTON WON the 1,000th Formula One Grand Prix Sunday after grabbing the lead from Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas at the first corner and powering to victory in blustery Shanghai.

Hamilton, who started from second on the grid, took the world championship lead after romping home to win the Chinese Grand Prix by more than 6.5 seconds from Bottas, with Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel third.

The fourth race of the season takes place on the streets of Baku, in Azerbaijan, in a fortnight.

Crystal Palace 1 vs 3 Man City

Raheem Sterling scored twice as Manchester City won 3-1 at Crystal Palace to move back above Liverpool to the top of the Premier League table.Raheem Sterling scored twice as Manchester City won 3-1 at Crystal Palace to move back above Liverpool to the top of the Premier League table.

Getty images

Jesus ended any hopes of a Palace fightback at the death, De Bruyne leading a clinical counter-attack to set the Brazil striker up to beat Guaita at his near post, although the offside flag should have been raised.

City’s next two games are both at home to Tottenham, who visit on Wednesday for the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final and are back three days later in the Premier League.

TIGER WOODS COMPLETED one of the greatest sporting comebacks by producing a vintage Sunday afternoon performance down the home straight at Augusta to clinch his first Masters title in 14 years.

Picture by foxnews

Woods fired a final-round two-under par 70 to finish on 13-under for a one-shot victory to capture a $2.07 million top prize and a fifth green jacket, holding off the challenge of an all-star chasing pack, including Brooks Koepka, Dustin Johnson, Xander Schauffele and Francesco Molinari.
“I’m at a loss for words. My little boy Charlie, that embrace, it was just special to have them here. Sam actually lost a state soccer tournament yesterday so I kind of convinced her to come up and watch The Masters. So they came up today and I was so happy I could win.

Ajax 1-1 Juventus: Champions League Quarter-Final, First Leg

Cristiano Ronaldo, who has won the competition five times, netted his 125th Champions League goal just before half-time with a diving header following Joao Cancelo’s cross.

Cristiano Ronaldo 125 Champions League goal/// Getty images

Within a minute of the second half starting, through David Neres’ fine curling effort from 15 yards the host equalised.

The winners of the tie face either Tottenham or Manchester City in the semi-finals, with Mauricio Pochettino’s side holding a 1-0 advantage after Tuesday’s first leg in London.

Factors Resulting from Bad Leadership on Followers.

Matthew 7:17-18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruits and a bad tree cannot bear good fruits.


3 John 1:9 I wrote unto the church: but Diotrephes, who loveth to have the preeminence among them, receiveth us not. 1:10 Wherefore, if I come, I will remember his deeds which he doeth, prating against us with malicious words: and not content therewith, neither doth he himself receive the brethren, and forbiddeth them that would, and casteth them out of the church.
NOTE: A follower is a replicate of the leader he is following.
What Diotrephes did that was wrong.
  • He always want to be a leader. He is full of himself. Matthew 23:6-7
  • He refuses to submit to truth about authority, He does not want to accept instructions from higher authorities. Eph. 1:20-22 1Cor. 14:37.
  • He speaks evil, hateful words of other persons. Matthew 12:36-37.
  • He refuses to welcome travelling teachers. And refuses others from welcoming them.

3 John 1:11 Beloved, follow not that which is evil, but that which is good. He that doeth good is of God: but he that doeth evil hath not seen God.

Dear friend, don’t let this bad example influence you. Follow only what is good. Remember that those who do good prove that they are God’s children, and those who do evil prove that they do not know God.
We Can imitate Demetrius.
3 John 1:12 Demetrius hath good report of all men, and of the truth itself: yea, and we also bear record; and ye know that our record is true.
Everyone speaks highly of Demetrius, as does the truth itself. We ourselves can say the same for him, and you know we speak the truth.