Why People Are Leaving Nigeria

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Thousands of Nigerians have been brought back from Libya and many other countries in recent times.

In a report in punch newspaper the total number of returnees are about 4000.
People are not running from this country because the weather is too hot, neither is it because of drought or the soil is not fertile.
People are leaving from the product of bad leadership. We leave the most blessed continent in natural minerals to countries with fewer minerals because, because our leader have failed.
Someone said if there is a slave ship in the dock many might still jump in it to travel abroad.
Wait, don’t we hear of people that travel with all their life savings just to clean corpse. Or the ones that sold their properties plus inheritance to travel the desert in search of better life.
Don’t get this all wind up before you conclude I said traveling abroad is bad or a sin.
Here is the Sauce…
No one will travel to get proper health care abroad if the person’s saddled with the responsibilities to make that sector works in Nigeria has done his or her job well.
If you think our currency is a mess, some people destroyed the system.
We are so blessed with soil and weather that the people saddled with the responsibilities to make the agricultural ministry work have gone asleep.
I once wrote an exam, and my name was missing in the promotion list, days later I heard names of people that were late was on the list.
Some leaders have failed to work.
We play the religion track, or the state of origin track and play the song so loud so much that the people overseas makes us a comedy show.
It’s not about a political party or a person, I am talking to you.
Why would anyone want to go to Libya, America, Canada, UK, etc as a slave?
Some people called leaders have been sleeping, childish, selfish and not capable.
Our country has been turned into a country with chaos in all sector.
Sometimes you walk round some towns and you see the filth and rubbish everywhere, and you ask yourself questions.
We have lost the taste to create meaning out of life. We just live.
No good schools, hospitals, power supply, housing, road, and the basic things.
Wake the leaders close to you. Tell them it is time. No room for childish and selfish ambitions. Let’s build Nigeria together.
If you travel abroad or you are abroad, remember you have a country to build for yourself and the next generation.
Let’s make it happen. Make Nigeria happen.
Sam Eneje

Sam Eneje

Sam Eneje is Senior Content Developer, an Entrepreneur and a Public Speaker.

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