My One Dollar Watch.

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Its almost a year since I have been using my fine wrist watch with a dark green belt. 

That kind of watch you wear and you start have the feeling you are the only “wearer” in town. Its not really a digital watch but it tells current time.

The watch has an army green straps and it built with a big face, which makes it unique for me. The one dollar price is not a problem, when I  wear it gallantly I flaunt it like it’s worth more.

As we all know time cannot be caught because lost time is never to get again. Time is life itself. So, I take my time seriously, and my watch? I love it.

You should get a watch if you don’t have one.

One day, I was halfway down the staircase when I remembered my hand was bear, it was like something was wrong with my neat uniform dress.  

I mused, should I go out without a wrist watch,  i imagine how women stay faithful to their makeup every minutes of a day, 365 days of the year, some even wear it to sleep.

Midday, that faithful Monday, I thought about the price of the watch, how it doesn’t matter to me, howbit makes me feel complete. Talking about purpose and value.

An article on BBCnewhub wrote that the world most expensive wrist watch with an exceptional look, Chopard 210 karat  is around $25,000,000.


And here I am sitting bragging about my one dollar machine, it is one in town too, at least I haven’t seen any person wear it.

The happiness it gives.

Life can be beautiful if we don’t value everything it brings by only the price tag.

1. Using price tag alone, makes us loose a lot from life.
2. We over price people and we miss a lot in friendships and wisdom.
3. Sometimes we even tag people mindless, by assuming they can offer us nothing.
4. Most of us have a few dollar we can put to use, but we will prefer to buy the most expensive items only to find out, we’ve only wasted time and resources.

My one dollar watch tells me time, it complement my uniform and people sometimes over price.

Get to know people, use things, go to places, listen to stories, learn people, you will discover a lot is hidden behind the price you see at the surface.

Sam Eneje

Sam Eneje

Sam Eneje is a teacher and happiness coach. He believes everyone can and should remain happy.

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