My One Dollar Watch.

Its almost a year since I have been using my fine wrist watch with a dark green belt. 

That kind of watch you wear and you start have the feeling you are the only “wearer” in town. Its not really a digital watch but it tells current time.

The watch has an army green straps and it built with a big face, which makes it unique for me. The one dollar price is not a problem, when I  wear it gallantly I flaunt it like it’s worth more.

As we all know time cannot be caught because lost time is never to get again. Time is life itself. So, I take my time seriously, and my watch? I love it.

You should get a watch if you don’t have one.

One day, I was halfway down the staircase when I remembered my hand was bear, it was like something was wrong with my neat uniform dress.  

I mused, should I go out without a wrist watch,  i imagine how women stay faithful to their makeup every minutes of a day, 365 days of the year, some even wear it to sleep.

Midday, that faithful Monday, I thought about the price of the watch, how it doesn’t matter to me, howbit makes me feel complete. Talking about purpose and value.

An article on BBCnewhub wrote that the world most expensive wrist watch with an exceptional look, Chopard 210 karat  is around $25,000,000.


And here I am sitting bragging about my one dollar machine, it is one in town too, at least I haven’t seen any person wear it.

The happiness it gives.

Life can be beautiful if we don’t value everything it brings by only the price tag.

1. Using price tag alone, makes us loose a lot from life.
2. We over price people and we miss a lot in friendships and wisdom.
3. Sometimes we even tag people mindless, by assuming they can offer us nothing.
4. Most of us have a few dollar we can put to use, but we will prefer to buy the most expensive items only to find out, we’ve only wasted time and resources.

My one dollar watch tells me time, it complement my uniform and people sometimes over price.

Get to know people, use things, go to places, listen to stories, learn people, you will discover a lot is hidden behind the price you see at the surface.

Your Future is in your hands.

Let me tell you a story quickly that will illustrate the topic above. 

 Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a land far away, there lived an old man in a house on top of a hill. He had dedicated his entire life to study and meditation. 

He was known far and wide for his intelligence, sensi-tivity, and wisdom. Politicians, businesspeople, and dignitaries came tovisit him and ask him questions. His answers were always correct. 

He seemed to have a special faculty that enabled him to cut to the essence of any problem or issue. 

When his answers and solutions were implemented, the result was always excellent. His fame soon spread throughout the land.

In the village below the hill was a group of boys who played together. Sometimes they climbed the hill to visit the old man and askhim questions, for which he always seemed have the correct answer.

Over time, it became a little game, with the boys continually trying to think of a question that the old man could not answer. But they werenever successful.

One day, the ringleader of the group, a called the others around him and said, “I have finally found a way to stump the old man. 

Here in my hand, I have a bird. We will go and ask the old man if the bird is alive or dead. If he says that it is dead, I will release it and it will fly away.

 If he says that it is alive, I will crush it, and the bird will be dead. Either way, he will at last have been proven wrong.”

Excited about the prospect of finally catching the old man with a wrong answer, they hurried up the hill. 

The old man watched them coming and noticed the eager looks on their faces. 

Then the ringleader stepped forward and asked, “Old man, I have a bird here in my hands. Is it alive or is it dead?”

The old man looked at their mischievous, expectant faces and then

quietly said, to him, “it is in your hands.”

What you eventually become is what you did with it what you have in your hands.

Because you want to be a Leader


Ability to manage and influence others to maximize their potential to achieve set goals.

Leadership is providing the adequate information and method to realise a vision.

Leadership is the act of inspiring others to engage in methods that aids achieving success.


Leadership has nothing to do with hierarchy or seniority in position.

Leadership is not power, your follower must give you. You earn it.

Leadership has nothing to do with titles.


I think leadership is about maximizing the effort of subordinates.

I’ll go first follow me, watch me and meet me at the top.


Develop clear communication skills. Speak with  concern, persuasion, purpose. Listen and answer questions objectively.

Be very optimistic and provides positive energy always.

Have a positive attitude. Encoiurage yourself and let it show in your actions.

“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.” – Jack Welch


1. Your Personality traits: It must be nurtured and grown. I want to say be strategic (in many ways)
2. Your Approach and reaction to Situations. Choose the best that keep your followers motivated.


“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” Ronald Reagan

“Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily, even if you had no title or position.” Brian Tracy

“Earn your leadership every day.” Michael Jordan

Why you need a happy attitude

girl, atagone,


“The more you have a certain thought, the deeper the imprint that this path will make and the easier it will be for the thought to reenter your mind. That’s why it is good to constantly have uplifting, encouraging thoughts.”

Our thoughts makes us see circumstances whether favourable or not. If you believe what you think is good, you become it, by living in that thought.

I have since learnt that my mind is the pathway to my happiness, as much as possible I guide what goes in it.

I know a happy attitude increases creativity, it enforces discovery. It improves your relationship. Your interpretation of many things makes you happy.

I have been living in this lifestyle and I know how pleasant it is.

Your mental conditioning helps you make the right decisions.

A happy attitude comes from your believe system. What you believe forms in your mind and eventually you become it.

No amount of money will make you happy, no amount of houses can make you happy, not the pretty face of a lady or the good looks of a man. All these things are only gives you instant gratification.

How do you have a sustained happiness. Is it possible to develop a mentality that is always happy. Yes it is.

Some things I started doing are listed below, and I want you to read thoughtfully.

Marry a new view to look at life. You must learn to look at life differently, when you enter a room and people are arguing and grumbling, you are smiling.

When people see brick Wall you have a mentality to provide solutions. You are not trapped or caged.

Every time we experience an emotion for example anxiety, sadness, happiness, joy, love, it’s always preceded by a set of thoughts that are unique to that emotions.

Your preceding thoughts must be uplifting. These preceding thoughts can be controlled, it is always these thoughts that determine your next point of action.

Another way to develop a happy attitude is taking responsibilities for who you are and who are going to be. When things are working according to plan, relish the pleasure, when it is not working take responsibility and step in the pivotal role to create a change.

Tell yourself this is who I am.
This is where I am from.
This is who I am going to be.

I own this, I made this mistake, I will improve in this. Taken responsibility for yourself.

A positive attitude can change a destiny, it did for me it can do for you too.

Being handsome, beautiful, rich is all in the attitude.

“Positive thinking isn’t about expecting the best to happen every time, but accepting that whatever happens is the best for this moment.”

That’s the attitude.

Focus on the things you love not on the things you hate or don’t like. When was the last time you look around you and you are filled with joy, you just see everything working for you. You notice everyone is arguing, complaining, not happy but all is just fine to you.

…For a long time you have shifted focus to see everything good and pleasant,  you now see everything people call negativity as a step to a better you or a better day.

Sometimes you talk to things as like, they answer to you and people wander, what is wrong with you.

Take time to develop a happy attitude and you will be able to sustain yourself.

Build one, its yours.

You Can Change The World.

When I was a young man, I wanted to change the world.

I found it was difficult to change the world, so I tried to change my nation.

When I found I couldn’t change the nation, I began to focus on my town. I couldn’t change the town and as an older man, I tried to change my family.

Now, as an old man, I realize the only thing I can change is myself, and suddenly I realize that if long ago I had changed myself, I could have made an impact on my family. My family and I could have made an impact on our town. Their impact could have changed the nation and I could indeed have changed the world.

A Motivational Story- CHOOSE YOUR ECHO.


A man was taking his son on a walk in a nearby forest.

Suddenly, the boy tripped, felt a sharp pain and screamed, “Ahhhhh!”.

He was surprised to hear a voice mimicking him from the mountain, “Ahhhh!”.

It was his first experience of an echo.

Filled with curiosity, he screamed, “Who are you?”.

But the only answer he received was, “Who are you?”

This made him angry, so he shouted, “You are a coward!”.

And the voice answered, “You are a coward!”.

He looked at his father and asked, “Dad, what’s going on? Who is talking back at me?”.

“Son”, the man replied, “Pay attention. Say something nice to him”.

Then the boy screamed, “I love you!”.

The voice answered, “I love you!”.

Realising his son’s confusion, the man took over the conversation with nature and shouted, ” You are wonderful!”.

And the voice answered, “You are wonderful!”.

The boy was thrilled, but still couldn’t understand what was going on.

The father explained, “Son, people call this an ECHO, but truly, it is LIFE.
Life always gives you back what you give out.
Life is a mirror of your actions.
If you want more love, give more love.
If you want more kindness, give more kindness.
If you want understanding and respect, give understanding and respect.
If you want people to be patient with you, then be patient with them.
This rule of nature applies to every aspect of our lives.
An echo is nature’s way of teaching us to do unto others what we wish them to do to us and wish for others what we wish for ourselves.
Life always gives you back what you give out.
Your life is not a coincidence, but a mirror of your own doings.
Choose your ECHO!
Send out blessings and receive blessings in return”.

What I am echoing back to you today is Love, Peace and Happiness.

Live in the present not the past

Live in the present not the past.

I am saying put off your past and stop worrying about the future.

Most of the unhappiness around us, is induced when we keep staring into our past and worrying about the future. You can be so engrossed in this mind business for so long that you refuse to see the goodness within and around you.

Everyone is wonderfully and graciously made with so much goodness deposited within.

So, learn to Pay attention and focus. Don’t let life slip away with all its goodness.

Sometimes you should ask yourself, all these thoughts of fancy cars, beautiful houses, pretty lady, handsome dude, big job are they really bringing you happiness.

This thinking business is one reason we don’t fulfill purpose.

Stop day dreaming, stop living in your fantasies, wake-up. You have so much around to make you.

The things you are ungrateful for are the things some others wish for.

One thing is true, make use of everything you have now to build tomorrow, put to use the strength you have, the wisdom, the appreciation, and forge ahead.

Appreciate your present.
Happiness is not in the abundance of things. Stop troubling yourself for the craving of “things ” and forgetting the present. “Throughout our whole life, we focus on the things we wish we had and the things we want to accomplish, rather than being grateful for what we have and what we already achieved in life. Living this kind of lifestyle is a never-ending race for happiness and fulfillment.”

Live in the moment by observing your surroundings and yourself, pay attention to what gives you joy, what makes you laugh, what makes you feel fulfilled.

Find your joy, look for it, it is inside, its is somewhere.

I found mine when I decided for Jesus Christ, since that moment I have since grown from the old me into a vibrant person. I don’t need alcohol or smokes to make me happy anymore.

Kill that fantasy that is stealing your joy.
Live and appreciate now and you will find happiness.

Be mindful of your thoughts.. Be mindful not to let your mind drive you crazy. Be mindful to be happy. Be mindful to live your present with purpose and appreciate all you own.

Be happy.

Happiness Therapy 2 The Golden Rule


Treat others in a manner which you want to be treated by them.

I have found out that this golden touch is fundamental to happiness, simply put show love pro-actively. Most reasons people don’t get along well in life and keeps themselves in the dark is because this rule has been neglected.

Long time ago while I was nursing mood swings especially dwelling in unhappiness, I noticed that most reasons why I was not living fully was because I always think I know all I was doing and that they are right. I practically was selfish and shut out lot of goodness from me.

This guiding principle if put into use will guide your heart from a lot of unhappy habits. It will save you from selfishness, it will give you peace.

One thing it does is that it seeks not seek revenge or bear a grudge, instead show respect and love, say kinds words, bless others.

In return you get a lot back.

Think about others and how they might feel and think.

True happiness also comes from doing treating people greatly.

This therapy works.

Happiness Therapy Feed Your Mentality

1. Feed your mentality with positive affirmations and emotions. Just as you feed yourself with good food and clean water, your mental diet must be healthy.

You know what? your psychological well being determine your emotional level and judgement. You know what that means, you are clear about decisions and attitude. Your self esteem improves and you have a complete control over your mind.

What should your mental diet include and what are the essentials you need to include alongside the diets?

1. Read your bible always, its the key that unlocks any open doors. I mean any door. Revelations from the Bible have made men overcome challenges that seem too big and unsurmountable. The bible has broken the hardest mind, healed dilapidated hearts, made generals overcome wars and provide hope. Talking from experience I’ll say the Bible is life.

2. Read books that will make you good at what you set your heart at. Stop reading romantic novels if your passion is agribusiness. If your passion is to be a techpreneur stop dwelling on things that will not allow you grow in that field. The more you brood over the essentials, it affects the way you talk, you solve more problems, your image and reputation soars in return, you elevate your emotions, you wear smiles every time because of the solutions you provide.

3. Keep positive association. Personally I notice this in lots of unhappy people and when they come for advice, that’s one of the things I talk to them about. The people you have as friends must impact your emotions positively. Even when you argue with them you should learn from them. Your choice of the people around you, at work, home, social circle will determine your success and happiness.

I hope you can digest this simple principles about happiness. Its easy to read but it is more important if you dwell on them and live them out.